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Free NetFlow Tools Free NetFlow Tools

These tools provide a method of collection and display of NetFlow information.
For more information on NetFlow, look through Cisco's white paper.


The purpose of this EHNT (pronounced 'ent') is to get some useful information from netflow (version 5 only) without too much trouble. The typical EHNT user is a network administrator operating routers capable of exporting netflow packets.

Platforms: GNU/Linux, Unix

F.L.A.V.I.O. Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output (F.L.A.V.I.O.)

Flow Loader And Virtual Information Output (F.L.A.V.I.O.) is a data grapher for NetFlow. It gathers data from a NetFlow data exporting device, loads it into a MySQL database and can generate daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly charts. It shows traffic split by ports, statistics on total utilization, and generates percentile 95 information suitable for billing in burstable services.

Platforms: Linux, Unix


flowd is a small, fast and secure NetFlow collector.

Platforms: OpenBSD, Linux

FlowScan FlowScan

FlowScan analyzes and reports on Internet Protocol (IP) flow data exported by routers.

Platforms: GNU/Linux, Unix

flow-tools flow-tools

flow-tools is library and a collection of programs used to collect, send, process, and generate reports from NetFlow data.

Platforms: Linux, Unix


fprobe is a NetFlow probe that collects network traffic data and emit it as NetFlow flows towards the specified collector.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

IP Cisco Accounting Daemon (IPCAD)

IPCAD stands for IP Cisco Accounting Daemon. It runs in background, listens traffic on the specified interfaces, and records the traffic for later retrieval and analysis. IPCAD can use raw BPF devices, PCAP library, divert, tee or Linux iptables' ULOG and IPQ packet sources to capture the packets.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

JNCA Java NetFlow Collect-Analyzer

JNCA (Java Netflow Collector and Analyzer) is a pure Java solution to IP network flow management based on Netflow version 1, 5, 7, 8, and latest version 9.

Platforms: Java

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that collects NetFlow data exported from routing devices, and uses it to analyze network traffic and report on bandwidth usage across the network.

Platforms: Windows 2000/XP, Linux


The NetUP NDSAD utility captures IP-traffic from network interfaces and export NetFlow v.5.Data is gathered from libpcap library on Unix and from winpcap on Windows.Also you are able to use tee/divert sockets on FreeBSD and ULOG on Linux for data source

Platforms: Windows 2000/XP, Linux, Unix

NetFlow Monitor NetFlow Monitor

NetFlow Monitor (NF) is tool for processing and evaluating NetFlow Exports from CISCO routers.

Platforms: Linux, Unix


NEye (Network Eye) is a NetFlow collector software working on Unix systems which is capable of receiving flows from Cisco Routers (but not only) and store them in ASCII (for raw grepping), in SQLite databases (for quick and dirty SELECTs) or in full blown MySQL databases.

Platforms: Linux, Unix


The nfdump project is a set of tools to collect and process netflow data. It's fast and has a powerful filter pcap like syntax. Nfdump supports netflow version v5 and v7. nfdump 1.5 beta now supports netflow v9 as well as IPv6.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

NfSen NfSen

NfSen is a graphical web-based front end for the nfdump netflow tools. With NfSen, you can display your netflow data from many sources: Flows, Packets and Bytes, easily navigate through the netflow data, process the netflow data within the specified time span, create history as well as continuous profiles, and write your own plug-ins to process and disply netflow data on a regular interval.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

nfstat nfstat

The program nfstat is used to produce weekly human-readable reports from raw NetFlow v5 data produced by Cisco or Juniper routers (and others). The data is expected to be collected using the flow-tools package (nfstat understands flow-tools internal format).

Platforms: Linux, Unix

ntop ntop

ntop is a network traffic probe that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top Unix command does. ntop is based on libpcap and it has been written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform and on Win32 as well.

Platforms: Windows, GNU/Linux, Unix

PRTG Paessler Router Traffic Grapher (PRTG)

PRTG Traffic Grapher is an easy to use Windows software for monitoring bandwidth usage as well as various other network parameters like memory and CPU utilization.

Platforms: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003


pfflowd converts OpenBSD packet filter (PF) status messages (sent via the pfsync interface) to Cisco NetFlow datagrams.

Platforms: Linux

Scrutinizer Scrutinizer

Scrutinizer is a scalable NetFlow, IPFIX and sFlow reporting and threat detection solution. The solution runs on Windows, Linux and VMware. There is a free version that provides rich reporting and flexible filtering for up to five flow exporting devices.

Platforms: Windows Vista/7/2008


SiLK, the System for Internet-Level Knowledge, is a collection of netflow tools developed by the CERT/NetSA (Network Situational Awareness) Team to facilitate security analysis in large networks.

Platforms: Linux, Unix


Softflowd is flow-based network traffic analyser capable of Cisco NetFlow data export.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

Scrutinizer Stager

Stager is a generic tool for storage, aggregation and presentation of network statistics. Stager consist of a web application for data presentation, and a perl back-end for data storage and aggregation. The current version of Stager include backend modules to collect and aggregate data for NetFlow, MPing and SNMP.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

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