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Enterprise Network Monitoring Tools and Utilities

These enterprise tools are server-based applications that provide constant monitoring of network health and performance.

Big Brother Big Brother

Big Brother monitors System and Network-delivered services for availability. Your current network status is displayed on a color-coded web page in near-real time. When problems are detected, you're immediately notified by e-mail, pager, or text messaging.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

Cacti Cacti

Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of the necessary information to create graphs and populate them with data in a MySQL database. The frontend is completely PHP driven.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG)

If you manage a network, you should be using this tool. MRTG is much more than a router tool, it can also monitor switches, servers, applications, and more!

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

ntop ntop

ntop is a network traffic probe that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top Unix command does. ntop is based on libpcap and it has been written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform and on Win32 as well.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

RRDtool RRDtool

Round Robin Database tool (RRDtool) is a very scalable database and graphing solution that works in conjunction with data collection software (i.e., MRTG, SmokePing).

Platforms: Windows, Linux, Unix

SmokePing SmokePing

SmokePing provides detailed graphs of latency information. SmokePing includes built-in probes for ICMP, Cisco devices, Telnet, LDAP, Radius, SSH, and many other protocols.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

SNIPS System and Network Integrated Polling Software (SNIPS)

SNIPS (System & Network Integrated Polling Software) is a system and network monitoring software that runs on Unix systems and can monitor network and system devices. It is capable of monitoring DNS, NTP, TCP or web ports, host performance, syslogs, radius servers, BGP peers, etc. New monitors can be added easily (via a C or Perl API).

Platforms: Linux, Unix


ZABBIX is a graphical monitoring tool that provides visual feedback of performance and availability problems. ZABBIX provides service information, application monitoring, server monitoring, and network monitoring.

Platforms: Linux, Unix

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