October 07, 2001

Why is Size Distribution Important?

Q: "Why is Size Distribution important?"

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August 01, 2001

What is Utilization?

Q: "My question seems simple enough - it's about what exactly is the %Utilization dial on network analyzers (ie Sniffer) measuring? I've read it to be measuring the %utilization of the "pipe" in use. What is this 'pipe'? Is it the backplane of the switch? Is it the 100mb/s port that the sniffer is plugged into? What if you have a vlan spanned to the monitor port? Then what is this 'pipe'?"

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March 01, 2001

Using the Online Help in Network Associate's Sniffer Pro

Q: "When I use Network Associates' SnifferPro, I see a LOT of different symptoms and diagnosis! How can I begin to understand what each symptom and diagnosis means?"

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January 14, 2001

Transferring Large Files with Sniffer for DOS

Q: "I have an older DOS version of the Sniffer software that runs on a Dolch computer. I have a large number of trace files that I need to transfer to another machine for further analysis and printing. How can I transfer these files, given the restrictions of the DOS Sniffer environment?"

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