September 14, 2005

ITT Technical Institute Graduation Speech

ITT Technical Institute Graduation September 14, 2005 Davie, Florida ITT Administration, Teachers, Guests, Parents, Friends, and Graduates Thank you for asking me to attend, it is an honor to be here. Graduates, today is a day of celebration, and... Read more...
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April 15, 2000

Understanding Application Statistics

Is the problem with the network, or with the application? These basic application statistics can help point you to the cause of the problem!

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April 01, 2000

Monitoring Network Statistics

Network statistics are relatively easy to obtain, but what do they mean?

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March 15, 2000

Map? What Map?

Team Uptime has spent years working with networks in many different roles; network managers, manufacturer representatives, technical consultants, and others. In all of these roles, the documentation of the network layout was the piece of information that every project required for success. The beginning and the end of every project always included a diagram of the network at some level, and at some stage of deployment.

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Professional Finger Pointing

If it's nobody's fault, why isn't it working? Here's some tips to avoid the runaround.

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March 14, 2000

We are so smart.

As network management professionals, most of us are constantly working to become better at our jobs. Network technology is moving faster than ever, and we?re struggling to stay current with the most popular systems (and even some older ones!). Weekly trade magazines keep us updated on the latest news, but they can sometimes cause more confusion than they help. The press releases from the technology companies all tout themselves as the best in the industry. How can we plan for the future, if we can?t keep up with what?s happening today?

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March 12, 2000

Purchasing a Network Analyzer

As network usage grows, the ability to view the inner workings of the network becomes very important. Network analysis tools are available from many companies, but the large number of choices and options can confuse even the most knowledgeable network guru.

Network analysis may be complex, but the evaluation process for purchasing an analyzer is not difficult. This buyer?s guide will help highlight the important features in a network analysis tool and will help the network administrators get the most for their money.

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March 10, 2000

The Broadcast Storm Blues

Broadcast storms are not to take lightly, they steal precious network bandwidth and can cause havoc on many machines.

The most reoccurring issue seen on many organization's networks is the proliferation of broadcast traffic streaming through the network. Such traffic occupies a percentage of network bandwidth, thus constricting effective network bandwidth as a whole. More importantly, unnecessary broadcasts steal CPU cycles from every workstation and server on the network.

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March 01, 2000

Quick-Draw Network Analysis

Ready, Aim, Troubleshoot! Try these quick-and-easy network troubleshooting exercises!

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