June 06, 2005

Nmap Real-Time Information and Tuning Options

I quietly updated my already-much-larger-that-what-I-planned guide to nmap last week. The latest chapters in Secrets of Network Cartography, A Comprehensive Guide to nmap 3.81 detail the trace and debug options, packet tuning options, and scan timing options. If you ever needed complete control and information of your nmap scan, these chapters are for you!

The latest chapters include these secrets (and many more!):

* Verbose (-v) and debug (-d) options provide different levels of feedback based on the number of times they are used on the command line. Interestingly enough, the syntax of the verbose and debug options are slightly different.

* Although packet trace information can be saved into nmap's default text output file, it is never saved to XML or grepable output files.

* I've added a colorful guide to IP packet fragmentation that explains the overall process and how nmap uses fragmentation (-f, -ff) during a scan.

* I've summarized nmap's timing policies (-T) into a single table. If you weren't sure what these timing options actually modified, then this chart should provide some insight.

Posted by james_messer at June 6, 2005 08:00 AM

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