January 15, 2001

Network Uptime - January 15, 2001

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January 15, 2001
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This Issue:

* Starting Delimiter - The Dog Ate My Newsletter
* Surf Report - The DECnet Phase IV Specifications
* Network Uptime Tutorial - Understanding the Sniffer Pro Expert Layers
* Network Uptime Tip-Of-The-Month - Fast Ethernet Collisions
* Ending Delimiter

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Starting Delimiter
- The Dog Ate My Newsletter -

We sometimes get some pretty odd email messages at the Network Uptime headquarters. Sure, there's the usual amount of SPAM ("Lose weight now, clear your credit, and make money at home while doing it!"), but the second-most unusual type of email is the 'Please-Do-My-Homework' email. I answer most of the stranger messages with a strange response, but I find it unusual that someone would want ME to complete their class assignment for them (especially if you saw my college transcript). If you're going to ask, at least veil the request in some type of polite suggestion. Here's three email's we received, all of them one liners. These are real email messages, written by real people.

Email Message #1:
"In a token ring, the sender removes the frame. What modifications to the system would be needed to have the receiver remove the frame? What would the consequences be?"

Posted by james_messer at January 15, 2001 02:33 PM